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Cirque du Liban is a Lebanese company specialized in high quality artistic entertainment. The company was established in 2005 and has been performing at venues in Lebanon and across the Arab world since 2007. From a group of 15 performers at its beginning, Cirque du Liban has currently more than 120 purely Lebanese performers, in cooperation with an international network to bring you the most famous and entertaining shows
of the world.Cirque du Liban has a strong experience and wide presence all over the MENA region especially in the following countries: KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Syria... We cater all audiences from all ages and genders; our shows are implemented in various venues/events such as Circuses, Shopping Centers, Carnivals, TV Shows, Dinners, Concerts, Amusements Parks, Exhibitions and Fairs, Sports events, Cruises...
Beirut - Lebanon
Leb +961 3 01 15 15
+961 3 01 78 59

Qat +974 66 260 325